Gerontological Integumentary Changes:

Exposure to sun and weather
Dermis thinner, subcutaneous diminished, fewer capillaries, diminished collagen, varicosites
Results in:
Susceptible to injury, decreased sensation, slower wound healing, atrophy glands, dry, wrinkled skin, thin, gray hair
Lesions - tags, keratoses (rough, raised masses), lentigines (liver spots dark flat macules)
Rule out malignancies - ABC - basal cell, squamous cell carcinomas, melanoma

Nursing Diagnoses:
Impaired skin integrity
Risk for injury
Risk for infection

Nursing Interventions:
Oils or lubricants twice a day
No powder
Avoid over exposure to sunlight but sunlight is needed for vitamin D
Increase fluid, good nutrition
Adequate humidity
Avoid temperature extremes
Good foot, hand care!!! Decreased circulation can delay healing
***Observe bony prominences


Potter, P. A., & Perry, A. G. (2009). Fundamentals of Nursing (7th ed.). St. Louis, Missouri: Mosby Elsevier.


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